June 21, 2010

post-orientation post

So, my internet got cut off, and that's one of the reasons that I haven't been able to keep up with this blog. The other reason is because I have been a busy bear with orientation. Also, I don't like typing things in public places, so this computer lab in Design Square Apartments isn't really ideal for me right now. The Stevie Wonder on Grooveshark is helping, though.

So, last time I wrote here was after the first orientation, and now I have gone through an entire cabin trip and two other orientations. At this moment, I am dressed up fairly nice (by my standards, which are kind of low..), waiting to go on the farewell dinner with the other orientation leaders. We are going to Bravo. I can't really tell how I'm feeling about the whole thing, seeing as this is the last Orientation farewell dinner for me, but I think all thoughts are good and nostalgic. Afterwards I'll probably lie in my room and reminisce with two fans blowing relatively cool air at me.

The past two orientations were great, with this most recent one being especially wonderful, because I barely had to do any connecting of people. Everyone just formed their own little circles in the quad, talking into the night. It made me think about my own orientation back in 2007, where I met some of my best friends now, and how we cloud watched until two in the morning, and how we met playing pool, and how someone let me sit with her and her family because my mom left me alone for orientation. (not that I blame her for it or anything).

I leave this post on summer orientation with happy thoughts. I don't regret the decision to be a leader at CCAD at all, and I know that I have left my imprint on the students I have led. I'll probably edit this post some other time so I don't sound so sappy. For now, I walk into this farewell dinner with three years of fond memories.