February 16, 2011

Tootsie Pop Ads

A couple of rough ads I made for my copywriting class. What do you think, is it selling them? Other possible dialogue, all with the tagline "Candy with layers":

- “You know, sometimes life just feels like an empty wrapper.”
- “Wow, you’re so deep!” 

- “I’m afraid there’s something dark inside me just waiting to be unleashed.” 
- “You are SO mysterious.” 

- “I’ll carry that wrapper for you.” 
- “Ooh, the strong silent type!” 

- “I never met my inventor, but they say I got my backbone from him.” 
- “I could listen to your brooding all day.” 

- “I’ve been around for 80 years, and I can still stand up straight.” 
- “My, what a great stamina you have!” 

- “I wonder if life would be better if I was banana flavored.” 
- “Hush, you’re tasty just the way you are.” 

- “There’s something about me that the world may never know.” 
- “You just keep getting more and more interesting, sugar.” 

- “Being both sweet and fat free puts SO much pressure on me sometimes.” 
- “Oh, I never knew that about you.”